10 Best Chiropractic Studies in 2013!

Following is a list of the top 10 Chiropractic Studies performed in 2013 (references given below). Most patients receiving regular chiropractic care experience improvement in health and significant reduction of back pain. These 10 studies show the science behind it.

  1. Using an MRI scan immediately after chiropractic treatment was administered, researchers viewed benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. This study looked at 112 patients with lower back pain that received side posture adjustments and/or spinal manipulative therapy and had immediate benefit of facet joint gapping and a reduction in their lower back pain.
  2. The Journal of the American Medical Association released updated guidelines for treatment of lower back pain. The new guidelines include seeking chiropractic care and physical therapy prior to any surgical intervention. The article states that surgery is usually not needed for treating lower back pain and patients should exhaust all conservative methods prior to even considering surgery.
  3. Patients with lumbar disc herniation were selected to receive either nerve root injections (epidural injections) or chiropractic care. The results showed that 76% of chiropractic patients reported feeling “better” or “much better” after treatment compared to the 62.5% of epidural injection patients.
  4. A research study out of Sherman College of Chiropractic showed that hypertensive or high blood pressure patients had a reduced diastolic blood pressure reading after receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments.
  5. Chiropractic care was shown to be the better therapy for Sacoiliac joint pain over physical therapy, injections, or corticosteroids. The study revealed a success rate of chiropractic care was 72% compared to just 20% for PT and 50% for corticosteroid injections.
  6. Cervical manipulation was shown to improve joint position sense that helps assist in improving mobility and pain in patients with neck pain or a whiplash injury.
  7. From the journal Spine- chiropractic care proves to be better for back pain than medical care alone. A better recovery by 73% was shown in military personnel with back pain with a combined care plan with chiropractic and medical care, compared to those who just received medical care had a 17% improvement.
  8. Chronic muscle pain is relieved instantly with chiropractic adjustment. Patients with muscle soreness experienced improvements in pressure pain thresholds after receiving chiropractic adjustments.
  9. Disc herniation in the cervical spine eased by chiropractic care for 3 months. 85% reduction in symptoms with patients who suffer from cervical radiculopathy.
  10. Frozen shoulder thawed out by Chiropractic care. 78% improvement in symptoms after receiving chiropractic care.



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Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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