3 Leading Side Effects of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage provides many health benefits.  Swedish Massage is the "king" of massage because Swedish Massage techniques are the foundation on which all therapists are taught. (At least in North America and Europe).  When applying the basic techniques of Swedish Massage, a therapist can craft an experience that is beyond belief.  Here are the 3 leading benefits of a great Swedish Massage (in no particular order).

1. Relief from chronic aches and pains.  The studies are in.  Swedish Massage is great for relieving chronic aches and pains, whether it's low back pain, shoulder aches, neck stiffness, arthritis or fibromyalgia back pain. Swedish Massage can help to decrease the duration and severity of the pain. This may be due to increases in circulation and lymphatic flow. And that's not all.  Swedish Massage positively affects all the physical functions and systems of the body, such as movement, flexibility, and coordination. Massage also has a positive impact on the body systems like digestion, circulation, respiratory, nervous and skeletal systems, etc.

2. Mood Enhancement.  You may not think of Swedish Massage as a mood enhancer, but it absolutley offers that benefit. Swedish Massage has been shown to increase feelings of well being in many, many studies. It is a safe and drug-less way that can help to treat depression, anxiety, low self esteem and mood swings.  Massage is used to treat people with post traumatic stress syndrome and is showing some promising results in that area as well.

3. Stress Reduction.  We all know that too much stress can affect our physical body.  It can plague us and eventually affect our health.  Swedish Massage is especially good at decreasing stress and increasing relaxation.  Long gliding strokes are applied when someone is experiencing too much stress.  These gliding stokes, which are basic stokes of Swedish Massage, bring a deep sense of relaxation by immediately calming and soothing the nervous system, slowing the breath and decreasing the cortisol (stress hormone) in the body.

So look no further than a good Swedish Massage from a local massage therapist for physical benefits, emotional benefits and mind-body healing. Swedish Massage has so much to offer.

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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