4 Apps for Enhancing Your Health & Fitness Routines

4 Smart Phone Apps for Health and Fitness 

Living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t always easy. It took many years and a lot of failed attempts to get where I am today. About 4 months ago I began a weight management program that literally changed my life. It started with learning which foods were healthy and satisfying. With this new program losing weight became easier than I ever thought possible.  

It wasn’t a “diet” that I was on, it was a mindset. It consist of processed or specially prepared foods, but rather everyday whole foods. It was a new way of thinking and behaving. As the pounds began shedding from my obese body, I noticed an increase of energy. By month two I increased my normal walking exercise to what I called “power walking” - a very brisk pace.  

And then, it happened. I stepped it up a notch, by joining a “Couch to 5K” training program. During this 10 week program every Saturday morning I would meet with my professional trainer/coach. The objective was to learn how to run properly and build up my endurance to run a full 5K race.

The first day of training I could barely run 90 seconds. The secret to success, I learned, was to carry out the homework assignments. This consisted of doing 2 workouts during the week between Saturdays, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Without having the coach with me to time my sessions I realized I needed help. A regular stop watch wasn’t getting the job done. So, I turned to the App store to see if there were any such digital tools that could help me.

I checked out a few Apps that looked like they could help. The App had to allow me to track my time, food consumption, and be easy to manage my everyday fitness goals. After a couple of weeks of experimenting with several Apps I am happy to say I found four fitness apps that work well and I truly enjoy using. With my new found thirst for heath and wellness I am excited to share my experience with these four Apps. I consider them as my virtual personal trainers. 

Most Apps offer a free version, so it was fast and easy to try out a good number of Apps, to see it worked for me and my lifestyle. 

Go ahead, to which ever App Store you use and search for 'fitness apps' or 'running apps'. Here are a few which I've tried. 


Map My Run

C25K - 5K Trainer Free

My favorite is Runkeeper. It's easy to use, fun and it truly helped me.

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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