4 Causes of Hip Pain in High School Sports

Hip pain injuries are rare in high school5-9% of high school athletes injure the hip. In the NFL 10% of players will injure their hips. Hips are strong and stable joint when an athlete has been trained properly with good musculo-skeletal balance in mind. Most hip injuries are from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis when a patient gets older or has a more serious condition with the skeletal formation of the hip joint. 

With athletes playing sports, running, falling, impact, overuse can lead to hip pointers, bursitis, and Femoracetabular impingement. We see these injuries in the office on a regular basis due to the high school athletic population being trained improperly or over trained.

Hip Pointer

This usually happens by a direct blow to the iliac crest (the top part of the pelvis). The impact can be due to colliding with another player or hitting a hard surface. A hip pointer is actually a deep bruise or contusion on the iliac crest.  This injury can be treated in your chiropractors office easily.

Depending on the situation we:

Hip Flexor Strain

There are degrees of hip flexor strains; it can range from mild to severe. A strain is defined by a muscle being stretched further than its capacity causing a slight tear or severe stretch. With a hip flexor strain any of the 6 muscles that flex the hip can become stretched too far- usually it is the iliopsoas. This happens during a movement of extension of the leg- during kicking or sprinting are the most common movements that lead to hip flexor strains. Overuse can also lead to strains.

Depending on the situation we:

Hip Bursitis

The bursa is a fluid filled sac which helps lubricate the hip joint and acts as a shock absorber as well as a cushion for the joint. Upon repetitive use the cushion can get irritated and inflamed- this is called bursitis.  There are four bursae of the hips- iliopsoas bursa, trochanteric bursa, gluteus medius bursa, and the ischiogluteal bursa. Any can be inflamed but the trochanteric bursa and the ischiogluteal bursa are the most common to be affected. Middle aged adults are more commonly affected than student athletes.

Depending on the situation we:

Femoroacetabular Impingement

This happens to physically active people (think Alex Rodriguez’s hip surgery) usually athletes in a sport that requires a forced body rotation- golf, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, martial arts, rowing and tennis.  Pain usually is in the lower back, pelvis, or buttocks, side of hips, stiffness or pain into the groin and front of the hip, increased stiffness or pain after athletic activities and after prolonged sitting. The reason this happens is not completely understood but patients that participate in these sports tend to develop excessive bone tissue at the top of the femur and around the edge of the hip socket. This usually has to be surgically removed to allow the ball and socket joint to function properly.

Depending on the situation: 

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