A Complete Integrated Training Program For An Athlete

In today’s world of athletic performance enhancement training there is an imperative need for a complete integrated training program.  This type of program should include strength training, speed, agility and quickness training.  It should also include flexibility sessions to promote recovery and healing techniques such as chiropractic care, massages and acupuncture.

Incomplete Program

An incomplete program will focus too much on one particular area.  The worst case scenario is when an athlete just practices and plays the games of their given sport and doesn’t include this type of program into their routine to improve performance and prevent injury.

Injury Prevention

While every athlete wants to improve their performance, the most important area of focus is injury prevention.  Simply said, “if you’re hurt you can’t play.”  Within the design of the program sufficient time needs to be scheduled for learning of proper form and techniques.  This is especially important for strength and power training development.


Strength is the foundation in any resistance training program.  Strength can be broken down into three phases: stability, endurance and maximum.  These phases are to be trained separately for periods of four to six weeks.  These phases must be trained to prior to a power phase.  Power is what makes athletes more explosive.  This phase can last from two to six weeks.


Speed, agility and quickness are necessary requirements for an athlete and should be trained as such.  With proper training an athlete will learn how to be more efficient in their movements and mechanics.  These sessions also allow the opportunity for an athlete to develop from a physiological standpoint as well by training and conditioning their nervous system.


Rest and recovery are key components to the development an athlete.  When the body is resting, especially during sleep, which is when the most improvements will occur.  Flexibility helps to promote recovery by increasing blood flow and removing tension from muscles.  Flexibility doesn’t only mean stretching.  Foam rolling is another great way to make improvements in flexibility as well. 


Chiropractic care, massages and acupuncture are great ways to keep the body aligned properly.  When the body is properly aligned an athlete can operate at optimum biomechanical efficiency.

These days athletes still have to train hard but more importantly they have to train smart.  This process starts with a complete integrated training program. Are you someone who aspires to be an athlete or live a more enjoyable life? Have you tried diet programs but couldn't keep the weight off? You may be interested in learning more about our Lifestyle Transformation Program, click on resources in the navigation bar to download the program.

What has been your experience in reaching personal goals whether they be training for a sport, event, or losing weight? Share with us in the "Contact Us" section under the "Contact" page. 

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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