• Active Isolated Stretching: A powerful and innovative therapeutic bodywork technique

    by Karen Schwietering, LMT
    on Feb 6th, 2018

Active Isolated Stretching as developed and taught by Aaron Mattes is a type of myofascial bodywork that helps promote functional and physiological restoration of muscles, tendons, vertebrae, ligaments and joints. It is a hands on manual therapy that works via assisted movement.

Primary obstacles to flexibility are the tightening of both muscle and fascia around joints. Gradually stretching and releasing opposing muscle groups works to free myofascial structures that restrict and bind.  Not only does Active isolated stretching increase flexibility but it also strengthens and targets the opposing muscle which simultaneously establishes balance and stability.

The results this type of bodywork can be quite dramatic due to the high level of specificity, precision and accuracy. AIS is holistic, it recognizes the body as a total unit and works by treating and isolating all the parts as related to the total unit.  It is deeply therapeutic and an innovative form of hands on medicine with the power to transform.

Author Karen Schwietering, LMT

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