Chiropractic For The Whole Family!

Often times when I am telling people I am completing my certification to become a pediatric chiropractor I get puzzled looks. The community is confused why a child let alone an infant would need chiropractic treatment. I often explain to them that family chiropractic is important! The whole family could use chiropractic care for their wellness needs.

Pediatric Chiropractic Is Growing

The truth is, pediatric chiropractic is growing by leaps and bounds and the results are astounding. Chiropractic can help children with ear infections, immune system deficiencies, ADHD, Autism, failure to thrive, colic, bowed legs, sports injuries, etc. If you are wondering if a condition can possibly be helped by chiropractic please ask!

Chiropractic focuses on removing stress from the nervous system so the body’s natural ability to heal is enhanced. This occurs by removing subluxation. Subluxation is an area in the spine or extremity that is restricted in range of motion, has abnormal muscle tone on either side and also has an affect on the nerves that exit the spine at the level of subluxation.

Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Process and Stress

Often for Mom or Dad subluxation has been present for many years therefore a degenerative process starts to occur. This is the osteoarthritis that commonly occurs as you age. I want to stress that this is a common process and not a normal process. You have the ability to decrease the rate the osteoarthritis or degenerative process occurs. You do this by choosing a wellness lifestyle that focuses on prevention of a disease rather than a reaction to when it occurs.

Mom, Dad, or Teenagers may experience pain due to stress. This stress can be a repetitive injury such as sitting improperly at your desk for many hours. The stress can be a trauma such as a car accident or fall during sports. When these stresses occur subluxation most likely follows.

For babies stress comes in different forms and may not be so black and white, they do not understand how to communicate they are in pain. The first subluxation usually happens through the birth process. Imagine being forced to stand on your head in a small pelvis for the last 3 months of your development then being squeezed so hard through the birth canal. How do you think you would feel? Birth is traumatic, not only for Mom (and usually Dad) but mostly for your baby. Then the infant is placed in uncomfortable plastic car seats and has not developed the strength to hold up it's head so upon falling asleep in the car it's head is flopping around. Compare this to how you feel when trying to sleep on a plane during a long flight- your neck ends up being sore and stiff. Now imagine you are staring to learn to walk, you fall, you fall again, you fall again! Have you ever slipped and landed on your butt? Hurts doesn't it? Often infants when they are learning to walk become constipated- this is a result of subluxation. Often when you fall and land hard on your butt it compresses the lumbar spine and sacrum which supply the nerves to the digestive system.

Bottom Line

Your central nervous system controls everything! Wouldn’t you want it functioning optimally all the time at any age? Chiropractic helps remove stress from your nervous system and allow the body to grow and develop to the best of its ability. Chiropractic is safe and effective for the whole family. It keeps you healthy by being preventative.  A well educated and trained chiropractor will alter their techniques depending on what the patient needs.

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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