Healing Is A Process - 3 Phases That Help Explain Our Method

At Nuzzi Chiropractic, there is a method to our madness. We believe healing is a process that takes time and finesse. We feel strongly that you need to initially fix the dysfunction before you start strengthening and stabilizing. We think that the maintenance phase is different for everyone, dependent on their stress levels and lifestyle. Our passion is to help our patients improve the quality of their life by improving their overall health.

The First Phase of Care

The first phase of care is designed for patients who present with an injury. Sometimes we have patients who join the practice without pain or dysfunction but with the mindset of wanting to improve their nervous system and maintain their spinal health.

The initial phase is primarily to reduce your pain, decrease inflammation or swelling, promote anatomical rest, and reduce muscular spasm.  The therapies used within this visit are dependent on the patient but may include electrical stimulation, heat, ice, ultrasound, laser therapy, flexion/distraction, and/or traction. This is all dependent on the patient’s condition, there is a specific recipe for everyone and it may take some time to find YOUR recipe. 

Once the inflammation is reduced and the body can move and functioning properly, we can now begin the 2nd phase of care. When you see a building on fire the first thing you do is call the fire department to put out the fire. The fire department brings their axes and fire hoses to put that fire out. The last thing you want to do is call in the carpenters while the firefighters are inside fighting the fire. Once the fire is out it’s now safe to call in the carpenters. The carpenters do better work when there isn’t a fire at their back.

The Second Phase of Care 

The goal of the 2nd phase of care is to make sure the body has a pain free range of motion, restore strength and endurance, minimize deconditioning, improve the nervous system, restore spinal biomechanics and correct subluxaiton. We utilize a system of analysis that shows us if a patient is functional within their movements. For example not only can they bend down and touch their toes but what is happening to their spine during this movement, is their weight shifting appropriately, is there pain. There is a series of movements that we bring our second phase patients through in order to give them specific exercises to help keep them functioning optimally.

As a person heals, pain is usually the first thing that goes away and can also be the first thing to come back. It’s always optimal to continue care even after the pain is gone. There are objective indicators that tell us when the patient is able to discontinue a more intense treatment regimen.

Third Phase of Care

Most people live very stressful lives and usually find themselves with less time to exercise and are stuck sitting behind a desk all day. These habits can predispose people to repetitive stresses which can lead to chronic pain and inflammation. We may not have control over some of these habits as they have become ingrained in our society but we can control our adaptation to these stresses. What I mean by that is you can get up for 5 minutes every hour- stretch, walk around, go get a drink of water. This will help alleviate the pressure you place on your musculoskeletal system by sitting all day long.

Most people fall into the category of chronic stress due to sitting all day. Your body will do better engaging in some type of supportive/preventative type of treatment program consisting of 1 treatment a week to only a few per year to help keep our bodies in alignment. A home program is also given at the end of the final phase of care for your to participate in maintaining your spinal health. Our goals in the final phase of care are to continue to restore strength and endurance, minimize deconditioning, maintain pain free range of motion, and improve biomechanics. This is mainly dependent on your stress level and lifestyle behaviors.  When your body is aligned you are giving yourself the best opportunity to prevent re-injury.


What are your thoughts and experiences with Chiropractic care? Share with us in the comments below!

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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