Home Workstations and Upper Back/Neck Pain

Due to recent events impacting the world now, many people have found themselves working from home in their makeshift offices. What many people don't realize is their home offices are causing them upper back and neck pain which is significantly impacting their abilities to work and go about daily activities. Proper ergonomic posture in the workspace can be difficult to achieve sometimes, but for under $150 you can make it a reality. Many people at home are sitting at their kitchen table in uncomfortable wooden chairs, or sitting on their couches hunching over their coffee tables on their laptops, or even lying in bed with two pillows stuffed behind them. With simple improvements to these home work stations, we can prevent so many cases of neck and upper back pain.


Easy Changes for Optimum Work Capacity: 

  1. Standing Desks: Many people can easily go online and find a standing desk that can prevent neck pain. On amazon there are standing desks that fit right on your countertop or table at home. For only $99 you can buy a: FDW Adjustable Height 32 Inches, Steel Standing Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Home Office Computer Desk Workstation, Black. Which will help improve posture and improve ergonomic function at home. 
  2. Ergonomic Chairs: When it comes to working from home the biggest mistake people make is sitting in the uncomfortable wooden chairs at their kitchen tables. A proper ergonomic work chair can make all the difference with proper work station posture and keeping the support in the back. On amazon office chairs go from $50-$80 for a decent office chair. It could make the difference at home with people who will be spending many more weeks at their home office. 
  3. Proper Posture: Though the other two suggestions are easy to purchase, the proper ergonomic posture while working on the computer is not as easy to come by or to teach. When it comes to the proper posture we are looking for the 90/90 rule. Proper posture can be recreated with this as a guideline. 



Dr. Spencer Corbin

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