How Can Massage Increase My Flexibility?

Want to look younger?  Get flexible!

How do you get flexible?  Go get a good massage!

As we age, we begin to lose flexibility.  Not only in our muscles, but in our facsia (or sometimes called connective tissue), our joints,our ligaments and our tendons. Ever go to do some exercise and wonder - what the heck happend?  I wasn't like this before! You feel tight,stiff and restricted.

Massage is a great way to improve and maintain both flexibility and elasticity all over the body. But how does it work? 

One way is increased blood flow.  Another way is through a specific technique called Myofascial Release.  A third way is by movement or some would say stretching.  I prefer movement. What kind of movement?  There are many acitive and passive manual techniques.  You need to find a qualified therapist with expereicne.  

Remember getting flexible is not showing off how far you can stretch.  Its about your performance, Your day to day perofrmance.  For example your ability to get on the floor, roll around and play with your kids or grandkids. Reach up to the top shelf without losing balance or causing back pain.  Flexiblity is youth!  Don't you want to be able to take off running down the street because the bus is coming or you want to just dash across the street jaywalking in between those two cars?  I mean,"I'm trying to walk here!" (that's an old Dustin Hoffman line cerca a Manhattan jaywalking scene in midnight cowboy.)  But I digress. Living in the city and being adroit and flexible is a different topic.

Back to good 'ole soft tissue flexibility. You want to be active so you need to be flexible.  You want to feel good so you need to be flexible. You want to look and feel younger so you need to be flexible.  The best modality for flexibility is Myofascial Release combined with movement.

How does it work?  It creates more space.  One of my therapy gurus calls it 
"spatial medicine." Myofascial Release can make you feel lighter, improves your joints, improve your range of motion and helps you feel younger. injured.  It helps you maintain better posture and helps with your movement.

So go get a good Myofascial Release massage and tell the therapist you want to increase your flexibility.

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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