How Do You Know If Your Symptoms Are Caused By Bad Posture?

The timing could be everything! If you notice your symptoms tend to get worse as the day goes on, your pain is probably caused by your daily activities and bad posture.  Here are some common complaints relating to bad posture:


Headaches Specifically headaches that are in the back of the head and sometimes on the side of the head.  These tension and stress-related headaches are often due to the head being projected forward and not aligned properly over your shoulders.  This is called forward head posture.


Neck pain Just as the posture-related headaches, the extra weight of the head- projecting forward misaligns over the shoulders and places excessive stress and strain on the joints of the neck and surrounding soft tissue.  If you notice that the pain is frequently on one side, not only is your head most likely forward but you are spending too much time with your head turned to one side. This can be the posture you assume during the day or while sleeping.


Upper Back Pain Depending on how far your head goes forward, the pressure will increase the pull and distortion of spinal joints and muscles reaching into your mid-back.  This leads to upper back pain and tightness between the shoulder blades. This can affect one side more than the other, which usually means the forward head posture is also associated with overuse of one arm or shoulder.  You may find yourself rubbing your upper back and shoulders for relief.  


Mid Back Pain Pain in the middle of the back can be related to bad posture.  This can feel like a burning pain in the mid to low back pain, and you may have difficulty sitting up straight.  This is related to how you sit or stand throughout the day. The rounding of your shoulders and rounding of your spine can cause the spine to lock up and the muscles weaken.


Low Back Pain Even the low back can be related to bad posture. Bad posture may not only be related to how you sit but how you stand and lift as well.  Improper lifting techniques can also contribute to the early degeneration of the spine. This is often seen in the low back and felt as low back pain.  Poor posture and lifting techniques will often cause imbalances in the low back and leg muscle length and strength. 


Posture evaluation must be a head-to-toe examination in order to properly diagnose and treat your postural pain and imbalances.  Our chiropractic physicians are highly specialized in the evaluation of the whole body using the SFMA (Systematic Functional Movement Assessment) approach to functional chiropractic and exercise therapy treatment plans.  If you would like to have an evaluation of your posture and posture-related pain schedule an appointment today.  

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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