In Order to Determine Which at Home Activities May Help Ease Low Back Pain

In order to determine which at home activities may help ease low back pain, we need to determine if exercise therapy is appropriate for you at this present time. During the acute inflammatory stage of a low back injury it may be contraindicated to exercise. Anatomical rest along with other home therapy and over the counter non-steroidal medication may be more appropriate and helpful. 

Take this simple quiz to determine if home exercises for low back pain can help or potentially harm you. 

If you answer, “yes” to all of the questions, you are an ideal candidate for the home exercise you will find in the next blog titled “Five Simple Home Exercises for Low Back Pain”. 

If you answer, “yes” to five or more questions, your chance of benefiting is good and you can begin the home program as instructed. 

However, if you answer, “yes” to four or less of the questions, then home exercise programs may not be beneficial or appropriate at this time. Specialized treatments may be requested and you should seek a consultation and examination for further assistance. 

  1. Are there periods of 10 minutes or more, in the day when you have no pain? 
  2. Is the pain confined to the area above the knee (pain that does not go past the knee to
the calf, ankle or foot)? 

  3. Are you generally worse when sitting for periods of 10 min or more or on rising from the sitting position? 

  4. Are you generally worse when getting up in the morning, but show improvement within 30 min? 

  5. Are you generally worse when inactive for 40 or more minutes and better when you move 

  6. Are you generally better when walking? 

  7. Are you generally better when lying face down? When determining this you may lay face 
down, if you feel worse for the first for two to three minutes but the pain eases, in this 
care the answer is “yes” 

  8. Have you had several episodes of low back pain over the past year (three or more within a 12 month period)? 

  9. Between episodes, are you able to move fully in all directions without pain? For 
example, are you able to bend forward and touch your toes, are you able to bend back, 
reach side to side and twist your trunk right and left without pain? 

  10. Between episodes are you pain free? 
  11. If you have pain in the buttock, or in the upper or lower leg (leg pain), does it stop but 
your low back pain persists? 

If you have answered “yes” to five or more you can consider a home exercise program recommended by Dr. Nuzzi for patients suffering from low back pain: “Five Simple Home Exercises for Low Back Pain”. 


Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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