MASSAGE - 4 Factors for Considering Value and Price

Getting a massage should always be a positive experience for your mind, body and wallet.  You want to be sure you get what you pay for.  Here are 4 factors for you to consider that will determine the overall value of your session.

1. Experience

The experience of the therapist is a direct determiner of price.  An experienced therapist provides you a level of service based on thousands of client histories before you.  An experienced therapist has taken advanced training and workshops and is more competent in assessing the soft tissue and applying proper techniques.   It correlates that a therapist with more “hands-on” time equals a more satisfied customer.  Combine the therapist’s “hands on” time with his/her advanced education and you can clearly see the results - an enormous increase in consumer satisfaction and a steady growth in this profession.   As the saying goes, “you can’t put a price on experience.

2. Modality

The modality or “style” of the massage is a factor that will also determine price.  Advanced techniques often require additional training.  For example, certain forms of deep tissue massage require their own certifications therefore affecting the price because the treatments are more specialized.   Also included here would be special categories of customer, such as pre-natal massage or infant massage.  The modality or style of massage counts when determining price.

3. Setting

The location where you get your massage definitely determines the price.  Medical offices, massage franchises, day spas, destination spas and gyms all offer massage with varying levels of amenities, ambiance, and facility comforts.  If you want to go to a 5 star location you will get a 5 star price.  It is a fact of life that location alone can lead to an increase (or decrease) in price based solely on amenities (or lack there of).

4. Professionalism

The massage profession, which is a complimentary medical therapy, is changing on a moment to moment basis.  A professional massage therapist will always be willing to educate you on the profession itself and will often talk about the latest developments in the field.  A professional therapist will always answer any and all questions or concerns you may have about their education or advanced certifications.  A professional therapist communicates and keeps you up to date on the goals in terms of session work.  A professional massage therapist will have a knack for putting you at ease. A professional therapist has dedicated themselves to treat the bodymind with respect, reverence and with a listening heart.  A professional therapist has a sense of refinement, nuance and level of sophistication that goes beyond the norm.  Professionalism is definitely a factor when determining the value of massage.

Keep these points in mind when looking to schedule a massage session so that your mind, body and wallet can relax and enjoy this positive and healthy experience. 

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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