Outdoor Activities That Practice Social Distancing

Outdoor Activities That Practice Social Distancing

Many people during these tough times are looking for ways to enjoy the sunshine and fresh spring air, while practicing social distancing habits. People are meant to be interacting with each other and being active. Participating in certain sports or activities gives us the chance to be active, work on fitness, and socially interact with our peers and loved ones. We will provide the five activities that can be performed at home, the park, or any court to get us out of the house and into the sun. 

1.) Volleyball: When it comes to a fun spring and summer time sport, volleyball is one that you can enjoy with the family or with friends. It combines a nice combination of cardio with upper and lower body coordination. When it comes to social distancing it is easy to stay separated with people on opposite sides of the court and 6 feet apart on the same side.  


2.)Tennis/Pickleball: Tennis and pickleball are also fun and easy activities to practice social distancing and still have a good time. They may require some hand eye coordination, but you are still getting a nice cardio workout as well. With people on opposite sides of the court it is easy to social distance, and with the nice weather approaching, to catch some sun as well. 


3.)Frisbee/Frisbee Golf: When it comes to a fun game to play with the kids or even your neighbors, frisbee and frisbee golf is a great one to keep distance and stay active. Playing in a big open field is ideal, but the backyard is just as good. 


4.)Badminton: Is a fun and easy game to set up in the front yard or back and with you being on opposite sides of a court yet staying active. It is easy to practice social distancing with this fun and exciting game. 


5.)Cornhole: Last but certainly not least, is a game that practices social distance and comradery. This game is the perfect combination of fun in the sun, social gathering, and social distancing. With the boards more than 6 feet away it is really easy to play at a safe distance and hang out with friends and family. 


We would love to hear back from you if you have other ideas of activities!!

Authored by: Dr. Spencer Corbin 


Dr. Spencer Corbin

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