Posture Correction Technique

I am sure that you are aware or suspect that poor posture, such as slouching while using technology, can be a big part of your neck and lower back pain. Continue reading for a technique that can help to correct your posture and reduce the strain and pain on your muscles and joints. 


This technique will help you learn to sit up with better posture and reduce the strain and pain in your neck and lower back. Be careful and move slowly when you are restoring the natural curves of the spine, never move with quick or jerking movements.  You need to allow time for the distorted joints and soft tissue to regain normal length and strength.


Begin by sitting on a stool at chair height, or on a chair with a hard bottom but do not lean against the back.  Allow yourself to slouch completely. Follow that by slowly sitting up in a military like posture overcorrecting your sitting upright posture and accentuating the curve in your low back. This is an over corrected posture, hold for eight seconds, returning to the slouch posture hold for eight seconds.  Repeat this movement of going from the extreme of poor posture to the extreme of good posture 10 times, moving slowly the entire time.  

Perform this technique three times a day. If pain arises from prolonged sitting (sitting for longer than 40 min) repeat this posture correction technique in addition to the three daily.  


You have now learned how to find the extreme of both postures, good and bad.  Both are postures that should not be maintained for long periods of time as they will cause strain on your body.


To sit correctly without strain you need to sit just shy of the extreme posture. Slightly relax the muscles of your core and low back to allow the mild rock of the pelvis into a neutral position with minimal strain and sitting in an upright posture.  When you are sitting with correct posture you are maintaining it with muscular effort, it requires a constant contraction and concentration of a mild contraction of the core (or abdominal) muscles and the muscles of the low back, you can not fully relax the muscles or your will go back into the slouched posture.  If you feel uncomfortable, change your posture, it is almost impossible to maintain good posture with prolonged sitting so remember to get up and walk around in order to resume the correct sitting posture. 


The use of a lumbar support may be necessary for some people.  A portable lumbar support is essential for those people that suffer with ongoing low back issues.  These support devices can be found in your pharmacy or online. These are personal devices and picking one is like picking a pillow or mattress, one size does not fit all.  These devices are best used when driving, sitting for prolonged periods of time, when at work or leisure time at the end of the day.  


Supporting the natural curves of your spine is the key to reducing pain and creating overload of spinal joints and soft tissue.   Start today and take a daily 30-minute challenge to correct and improve your posture while reducing pain.  



Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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