Prolonged Screen Time and Its Effects on the Body


            During this day in age, people live day to day spending most of their time sitting in front of electronic devices or working on their computers. We as a race have adapted to this technology driven lifestyle, presenting a serious problem in our youth and our future for healthcare. In this era of technology, we are noticing that our health and wellbeing are diminishing as well as our cognitive abilities lapsing. We as chiropractors see this every day in our office and we will be focusing on 4 different effects on our health due to the prolonged screen time.

  1. Weight Gain: One of the most prevalent things we are seeing across America is the rising obesity rates. When watching television, people are more likely to snack or eat unhealthy because they are engrossed in the screen and don’t think about good eating habits. We are creatures of movement and activity, and with the increase the need to be on our electronics, sedentary lifestyles are becoming more prevalent.
  2. Vision Issues: With prolonged screen time there is a syndrome that causes straining of the eyes, blurring of the vision and headaches. Being on our electronics for long periods of time causes this “computer vision syndrome” and people are experiencing this more frequently.
  3. Chronic Neck and Back Pain: When it comes to sitting on the computer or watching TV, proper posture is not really taken seriously. With prolonged screen time people find themselves sitting in hunched postures which can cause repetitive strain on muscles and the joints of the back. This is the most common thing we see in our office, and as chiropractors, we treat this regularly.
  4. Increase in Depression and Anxiety: Lastly, due to an increase in the younger population getting phones at younger ages, spending hours on social media, and devoting so much time to video games and watching tv we see many kids suffering from extreme depression and anxiety. This is because prolonged screen time can lead to cognitive dysfunction such as less efficient information processing as well as sleep deprivation due to an overexposure to blue light.

With all of these underlying problems with prolonged screen time we are working to improve and correct the ever expanding “tech posture” to reduce pain in the back and we are encouraging our patients to become more active in a time where working from home on a computer is the new normal.

Dr. Spencer Corbin

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