Proper Form When Lifting Heavy Objects

When people are seeking chiropractic care, one of the most common problems they are coming in for is low back pain. Some have pain they woke up with, others have pain from sitting for too long, but the most common complaints we see in the chiropractic profession are from people bending down and lifting something heavy, causing their back to spasm. When it comes to lifting or moving an object, most people end up bending with their backs, or lifting something that is too heavy for them. Proper form is crucial for lifting and today we will give you some tips on how to lift and bend to spare your back and keep you performing at your best. 


  1. Bending with the Knees: When it comes to lifting heavy objects it is very important to keep a straight back, engage the core, and most important bend with the knees when squatting down to lift. Most people start in a hunched over position and lift with their backs leaving them vulnerable to an injury. 
  2. Swinging The Back Leg Out: Another common way to pick something up off the floor without injuring your back, can be achieved with swinging the back leg out, in a “see-saw” like pattern keeping the back straight and the weight on one leg. This technique is common for picking something small up off the floor or reaching for something. 
  3. Picking up Children: One of the biggest culprits for parents coming in with back pain is picking up the children, or holding them in weird positions. Many parents find themselves holding their child either on one hip predominantly or in a hunched over position. When it comes to holding your children we suggest parents alternate the side they hold the child on as well as holding the child close to the chest and right in front of you to keep the pressure of the back.    
Dr. Spencer Corbin

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