Take Care of Your Body!

Masks, distancing, and constant hand washing are a few things to help us from the exposure to COVID-19 but there is something else that is just as important – a good immune system.


So what is immunity?  It is our body in a state of protecting itself from foreign substances.  A functioning immune system attacks a variety of threats; bacteria, viruses, etc. while differentiating them from our body’s healthy tissue.


We are born with an innate immune system, but as we age, our ability to fight off infection slows down.  That is why we need to keep it as healthy as possible.  There are ways to keep our immune system as strong as we can, and in some cases, increase our immunity.     Practicing a healthy lifestyle is a benefit to a good immune system.  According to Harvard Medical School, your immune system functions better by the following strategies:



Following simple, yet important changes in your behavior can have an impact on how you respond to viruses.  In addition to the above strategies, getting chiropractic adjustments can have a positive effect on your immune function.  When your spine is in misalignment it can cause a weakened immune system.  Chiropractic care is concerned with strengthening the body and reducing the stress on our immune system.


Anxiety, stress, and fear is a prevalent factor in our society, and it is heightened by the COVID-19 environment.   It can include difficulty sleeping, changes in eating habits and sleep, fear of one’s own health or loved one’s health and increase use of alcohol.  


Massage along with chiropractic care can help to relieve the physical, emotion and mental stress of life.  It helps the body’s natural ability to protect itself and build the immunities we need to live healthier lives.


Be smart.  Stay safe.  And most of all, take care of your body!


Karen Azcuy Licensed Massage Therapist

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