Teach Your Child a Holistic View of Health

Things just aren’t like they used to be with bringing up children in the world we live in now. It seems like there are so many more stressors in the world for children then we ever experienced. You can examine your child’s health by taking a good look at the way they manage these stresses. As a society we have a misunderstanding of what “health” is. You can start to ask yourself why is my child chronically unwell? Why is she constipated? Why can’t he concentrate?

We view health as an absence of symptoms, which is incorrect. The way we take care of symptoms is interesting to me as well- we have this idea that if a symptom arises- we take a pill- then the symptom goes away and we are healthy again! Wrong! Symptoms are a message from the body that there is a problem and change is needed. A true indicator of health is when the body is able to effectively adapt to the stressors that are placed on it. These stressors come in many different shapes and sizes- they are best described by chemical, physical and emotional stress.

Is it better to give the child who is behaving aggressively medication or to analyze the situation? The situation could be that he is being over stimulated by electronic gadgets and computers, eating the wrong foods, has poor hydration levels- assessing his/her nervous system and the communication between the gut and the brain is vital. We don’t give the human body enough credit- it’s much smarter than we think. It is able to function and coordinate itself so it has the ability to heal and regenerate itself.

We need to teach our children that health comes from within! Explain to them that their bodies have a tremendous amount of intelligence and the capacity to ward off illness, then early warning signs like a runny nose or a sore throat won’t be viewed as a signal to take antibiotics but rather as an indication that their bodies need a little more attention. This is a sign that their bodies need to slow down- take a rest, boost their immune system with natural foods or do some stress management. Healthy lifestyles are important. Keeping a healthy weight is important. Drugs are not always the answer. There are safe and effective approaches and holistic health care practitioners who can empower us to navigate our family’s health outcomes.

If you feel overwhelmed by the effort needed to keep up on these health threats the good news is that it is easy to access up to date information and find what tools exist to help you strengthen your family’s health, and healthy living.  Having the understanding of what the stressors are and how to reduce them, you can help your child avoid illness, alleviate symptoms naturally, and encourage optimal body functioning. An informed parent is an empowered parent!

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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