The Primary Benefits of Massage Therapy

Many people get a massage to feel pampered and promote relaxation, but did you know that there are many other primary benefits to massage therapy?  Not only does massage therapy help with stress reduction, but it also has health benefits that can effect physical, mental and emotional status.

There are many physical benefits of massage therapy such as: 

However, there are other benefits for people who have issues due to injury or surgery or medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.  

Massage Theryapy can also:

Other physical benefits of massage are assisting in complete recovery from surgery, relieving muscle spasms and stretching.  Neuromuscular therapy is helpful to break up adhesions, scar tissues, increase muscle elasticity and create more joint movement by releasing the fascia surrounding the muscles.  Massage is also beneficial in promoting deeper breathing which benefits both physical and mental wellness.

Deeper breathing from massage helps to achieve a relaxed state of mental awareness which in turn increases the capacity for creative and calm thinking.  Clearer thinking helps to monitor stress signals better so that one can respond more appropriately and reduce stress.  One of the best mental benefits of massage therapy is the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Emotional benefits of massage include its effectiveness in treating such emotionally and psychological related disorders and addictions, such as sleeping and eating disorders, depression, smoking and drug addictions. Massage fosters a feeling of well-being and comfort, creates body awareness, reduces levels of anxiety by lowering blood pressure, and increases awareness of the mind-body connection.

All in all, the benefits of massage therapy are great for the mind, body and spirit and fosters a general feeling of well-being.

Have you experienced the positive results from massage therapy? Please share your comments with me in the comment section below.

Dr. Lori Nuzzi

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