Young Athlete Testimonials



"As a college athlete, I am always finding new aches and pains in my body from training. The best thing about coming to Dr. Nuzzi is that she helps me with any type of problem I’m having, from needing a back adjustment or a way to loosen up tight muscles. Whenever I’m home from college on breaks I make sure to schedule a visit to help maintain and care for my body. I’m so happy I made the decision to come to Nuzzi Chiropractic because it has helped keep my body as healthy and pain-free as possible."


 - Grace G.







"Chiropractic treatment has not only allowed me to move well in the water, but also to feel loose and comfortable out of the water. This preventative care has assisted me in dodging serious injuries and pain, especially in my shoulders. I am very grateful to Dr. Nuzzi and her staff for helping me become the athlete I am today."

 - Molly A.

Dr. Nuzzi has helped me in so many ways that I cannot express into words. I first came into her office for a pinched nerve in my lower back two years ago. This pain impaired me to the point where I had to withdraw from a bowling tournament. Due to the strain that I put on one side of my body from bowling, my body was imbalanced. She helped correct the issue and gave me exercises to help strengthen the other side and prevent the injury from happening again. Since then, I have earned many achievements in my bowling career such as winning a county title, finishing 13th in the high school state tournament, and becoming North Jersey Female Bowler of the Year. I am now bowling on a collegiate level (Caldwell University, which is a NCAA Division II private institution) and have earned an athletic scholarship. Dr. Nuzzi has guided me through the physical and emotional times and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done.

 - Madison P.

She helps me with all of my injuries. She stretches me out and I love getting adjusted before dance competitions because it makes my body feel so good. 

Gavin M.

I feel that incorporating chiropractic wellness into my training regimen, has helped to improve my overall performance and proactively helps to prevent injury.  Regular chiropractic adjustments also keeps me at my peak physical condition, so that I can compete and perform to the best of my potential.

 - Andrew G.

Over the years, Nuzzi Chiropractic has had a drastic impact on my life. I am extremely active: I play both high school hockey and high school lacrosse, and I also lift a lot of weights. From being so active, I have received numerous injuries over the years. I have had a sprained knee, achilles tendonitis, elbow tendonitis, neck and back pain, many issues with my hip flexors, a separated ac joint in my shoulder, and the list goes on and on. All the major injuries I have received were treated by Dr. Nuzzi. I would go there and she would do amazing therapy that made me better in a quick amount of time. She knows everything there is to know about the body and is able to diagnose the problem in a flash and then fix it. I recently tore my shoulder in high school hockey and thought I would be done for the season. However, with the amazing laser therapy, stimulus, icing, and mobility exercises Dr. Nuzzi taught me, I was actually able to go back and play for the last month of the season in full health which I though was not possible. Dr. Nuzzi does amazing things, she is very knowledgeable, and makes a real difference in your life. I definitely would not be where I am at right now if it were not for Dr. Nuzzi. Nuzzi Chiropractic really is important in my life because whenever I am injured or have an ache I know exactly where to go. I feel 100% better every single time I leave the building and I look forward to going back the next day.  

 - Nick Edwards


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