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As the longest nerve in your body, pressure or compression of the sciatic nerve can cause extreme back pain or discomfort known as sciatica. Dr. Lori Nuzzi at Nuzzi Chiropractic Lifestyle Wellness Center helps those dealing with sciatica find relief from back pain and other symptoms of sciatica in Midland Park, New Jersey.

Sciatica Q&A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is characterized by lower back pain that results from pressure on the sciatic nerve. A number of things can cause sciatica, including a herniated disk in the lower spine, a misaligned spine, Piriformis syndrome, or pregnancy and childbirth. You may be at increased risk of sciatica if you are between 30 and 50 years old, have diabetes, are overweight, or have a job that involves heavy lifting or long periods of sitting.

What are symptoms of sciatica?

The longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve can cause pain that radiates from your lower back and reaches your legs if it’s compressed. Many things can cause low back pain, but sciatica is usually recognized by pain that includes:

  • Numbness or tingling in your legs or foot
  • Weakness or burning in your legs
  • Pain that originates in the lower back
  • Achy pain, like a toothache
  • Shooting pains that feel like electric shocks

How can it be treated?

The first step in treating sciatica is a proper diagnosis. Chiropractors understand how pressure on the sciatic nerve affects the body and can help ensure that the cause of the pain is clear before treatment begins. An examination and understanding of the patient’s medical history can help in the diagnosis of sciatica, and diagnostic imaging may be recommended as well.

Dr. Nuzzi uses a variety of techniques to treat sciatica, depending on the patient’s symptoms. They include:

  • Adjustments to the spine to help with vertebrae that may be out of place and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • Ultrasound therapy, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a gentle heat deep in the tissues of the body
  • Ice therapy, to reduce inflammation and control pain
  • Electric Muscular Stimulation therapy, which can relax the muscles that are putting pressure on the nerve

If you think your lower back pain is the result of sciatica, contact Nuzzi Chiropractic Lifestyle Wellness Center for a free chiropractic consultation. Dr. Nuzzi can assess the situation based on your symptoms and make recommendations on the types of treatments that may be most effective for you. For patients who undergo chiropractic care for sciatica, the results can be life-changing.